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The preamble of the constitution of the Republic of South Africa under President Nelson Mandela promised to “improve the quality of life of all citizens and free the potential of each person.” it is these very words that challenged me and led to the formation of this organisation, the realisation that this was a much bigger problem than just South Africa and after consultations it was decided to form a regional organisation and grow into a continental body.


The problem that Africa faces is not a problem of lacking resources as such even though Africa is probably the biggest receiver of aid from other continents. The problem that Africa faces is the problem of being a big dark mining hole that is constantly mined without filling back nor rehabilitating.


As an organisation we believe that if the focus for quality is increased and innovation encouraged then Africans maybe able to benefit from the precious resources of their continent. “Heshima haiji mpaka iletwe (Honour does not come by itself, it must be brought in earned by deeds).”

Dr Lucas Moloi -President

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Welcome from CEO

We welcome all our members from the diaspora, with more and more effort been taken by various governments in Africa to improve trade relations, drive internal entrepreneurship promotion and support efforts our work as excellence professionals is increasingly becoming and important element in Africas growth. As an economists my keen interest in macroeconomics and statistics has led me into studying Africas economies and what needs to be applied to ensure sustainable growth that is not only for individual countries but the continent. The challenges is governance, the lack of standards and attention to excellence are just some of challenges that Africa faces.

With the collaboration and effort from professionals that are our member and associates we believe that we are more than prepared to tackle the challenges and build a truly remarkable Africa. “Let us be the change we want to see in the world” “Thuma Mina (Send me)”

Ms Khumo Lesejane -CEO



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