What is the Quality Innovation Award?

The Quality Innovation Award is an annual, international competition that enables innovators to

– get professional assessment for their innovation
– benchmark their innovation against others
– increase the visibility of their innovation

All together this helps to increase the competiveness of each participating country.


Why should I participate in this competition?

This competition enables you to:

– benchmark your innovation at the national and international level
– receive professional feedback from an independent body

Benefits of participating in this competition include:

– raising public awareness of your innovation
– help opening new markets
– motivate to increase the innovativeness in your organisation
– national and international recognition


What is a Quality Innovation?

A quality innovation is an innovation that

– has novelty value and is timely
– is practical and can be utilized
– has been developed in a systematic way
– corresponds to stakeholder’s current and future needs
– has improved technical, social or commercial performance