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Awarding quality, excellence and innovation is in the forefront of our agenda in order to make sure that more efforts are realised and the drive to do better continually increasing. The awards are both national, regional and international through the partnerships developed.


The building of content and sharing of experiences relating to quality and innovation is a critical component in ensuring that the learnings are used to build a culture of excellence in Africa. Through our Blog, Magazine and articles published by the SAIQI™ community we ensure the availability of relevant content to the industry


Various forums are available to ensure information and experiences sharing within the various industries. Through the forums there are webinars, forum discussions, case studies that members can participate in and share information in order for the community to grow stronger and best practice shared.


Education and training is key to the development of any nation, understanding this SAIQI™ continues to form strong partnerships with reputable institution of training to provide formal education in the fields of innovation and quality. The participation and collaboration with government and local training and development authorities remain top priority for us.


A lot of research is taking place and a number of findings recorded with papers written on various topics, so to ensure that such information is presented to industry conferences are organised around issues of interest and to celebrate the industry events calendar. We will participate in national dialogue on issues of quality and innovation and present papers when invited. We also partner with our members on their events.


Quality and innovation are critical to the growth of the African economy and improvement of living conditions so SAIQI™ will continue the advocacy of this topics to the various governments within our reach and we continue to get involved where we can influence conversations. With this advocacy we also insure that legislation and regulation takes into account this elements into consideration when laws are passed.




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